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Mobile Platform

Reach a vast variety of mobile phones with our mobile delivery platform.
Our platform is intelligent and profiles each handset as they access the platform. This enables the delivery of device-specific content resulting in a highly personalised user experience. It seamlessly integrates mobile internet, SMS, MMS, mobile payments, mobile video and audio.

User Experience
Inspired delivery generates a visually rich user interface automatically rendering to multiple environments depending on the handset profile. Mercury Mobile Solutions's experience in web and mobile technologies leads to a wireless experience which engages the user, proven in its ability to retain customers for longer and entice them to make increased purchases.

Content Management
Inspired delivery includes a powerful content management platform to manage client's mobile internet environment. This is all achieved using the site management control panel. Inspired delivery is network and content independent, enabling the deployment of mobile applications on a global scale.

Device Detection
Inspired delivery includes mobile device detection and handset profiling. This enables the delivery of device-specific content. The result is a highly personalised user experience.

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Mobile Platform
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